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Hall of Fame Plaque #3

Hall of Fame Plaque #3


Now is your chance to get creative! Choose how you would like your HOF to look. Be as thorough as possible when filling out the optons below. If there’s any additional information we may need to fill your order, please include it in the Instructions section.

Hall of Fame Acid Etch Plaque
Features your logo at the top of the plate, above a centered block of text.

Hall of Fame Tribute Awards Plaques Custom.

Lead Time

4 Weeks



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    ? Formats: .ai, TIFF, JPEG (.jpg), PSD (300 ppi min, 600 ppi suggested). When submitting full color photographs, they must be original prints. JPG is preffered (no watermarks). Inkjet printed copies of photos are never usable.
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    • (max file size 50 MB)
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Time to finalize the template for your order. Pay most attention to the arrangement of elements on the template. Text, colors, and images are all subject to change, based on your preferences.